Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Autumnal ramblings....

Yes indeed...Autumn has arrived my garden is strewn with quite the prettiest of leaves,I have a snuffly child lying on my sofa and after two days playing nursey,I am surely rambling! however there is something oddly comforting about being forced to stay indoors on such a blustery day,afternoon tea on a tray,home made cheese scones shared with my poorly cherub and idle chit chat that we would have otherwise not had.Its not all bad.
Last year you may remember,I organised a wintery day basket,probably prompted by lovely Alison at I ordered a selection of vintage movies from Amazon(amazingly cheap)The ghost and Mrs Muir,Mrs Miniver,Blithe spirit,The major and the minor and a few others,I stashed them in a pretty vintage basket along with a cosy cashmere cardigan,some lovely edible(non perishable)treats and a few seasonal glossy magazines,all ready for afternoons when I neither had the will nor the inclination to go outdoors.I feel another visit to Amazon coming on! this year I fancy an Alfred Hitchcock season! think,Rear window with James Stewart! or North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint! To catch a thief with Cary Grant and Grace kelly! Vertigo,Psycho!(yikes!!!) the birds! see where I am going here? its only a matter of time before I am sporting a Grace Kelly type headscarf,pencil skirt and tottering along to School in kitten heels!
Best stay off school as long as you can Lucy.....Mummy is indeed rambling!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Welcome to my new home!

Hello everyone!

Well here I am over in bloggerland! I have been meaning to do this for sometime,but honestly,I am incredibly dim when it comes to faffing on with backgrounds and headers and such like! it has taken me ages! but I follow a lot of people on blogger and you all have such snazzy blogs,so be patient with me,I am still learning!