Tuesday, 25 May 2010

On being alone.......

I want to be alone,as Greta Garbo famously pouted all husky voice and heavy eyed.I know exactly how she felt,whilst I truly am grateful for my wonderful family and friends,there are days when I do just love.....being entirely alone! and this is my favourite place to be when life is too noisy,when I do not wish to open the mail,think about what to cook for dinner,worry about the unpaid bills or indeed be constantly reminded that yes,the ironing pile is actually taller than me.
My Allotment,bolt hole,place of worship....take your pick,here I can be.Just be.Here I dig and weed and plant and let my thoughts ebb and flow,

Here is where the magic is, teeny tiny baby cherries on a tree planted just last year.

Gooseberries,like glistening beads in the sunlight!

Is'nt Mother nature just the very best Teacher!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Catching up......................

Good Lord am I tired!

It seems like the weeks are just whizzing by and I am getting very little done around the house,despite being in perpetual tidying up mode,but what with the day job,kids,blah blah blah,you know how it goes.
However,not one to appear as a glass half empty person,I do actually feel a little shift in my mood at the moment,I am loving the lighter nights and the vanilla coloured mornings,although it is still quite chilly here in the North,I am loving wearing slightly summery clothes(cardi still required)and at last! hurrah! flip flops!(fitflops,not all they are cracked up to be) I am absolutely loving desperate housewives,Lewis and the re runs of The hairy bikers,I have a pile of books by my bedside that I dip in and out of,but nothing is really grabbing me right now.I am feverishly excited at the thought of picking fruit at my allotment again and have decided to grow spinach,sweetcorn and courgettes as well this year.I have lots of lovely vintage stock to add to the website soon and as always am behaving like a lottery winner when I stumble upon a wonderful vintage find,speaking of which,my latest personal acquisition is a Vintage statue of Jesus which I love but frankly doesn't look right anywhere and is presently situated on the stairs,where no doubt he will come a cropper if I don't find a suitable place very soon!
So there we go! how has your week been?