Sunday, 21 February 2010

21 years ago..........

I find it absolutely hard to believe,but tomorrow is my babys 21st Birthday,who knew it would go by this fast? 21 years ago today I was weary,heavy with child and afraid,and rightly so,the pain of childbirth now pales into insignificance compared with the many life hurdles I have encountered with my children,none of the many baby books I read all those years ago prepared me for the all consuming love I feel for my babies,or the worry,the joy,the FUN!! that parenthood brings! Katie is an amazing young woman,we could not be more proud of her,she has been and remains an absolute joy,I love her more than words can ever say and despite the high heels and short skirts,I still see the tiny peach coloured bundle with a flash of black hair that was handed to me in the maternity hospital 21 years ago,I knew then that my life had changed in a heartbeat and I still thank God for that every single day.

Happy Birthday Katie Scarlett.xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On being a Mother

I swear to God nobody told me that I would feel the vast range of emotions that I do about my children,I thought that all I had to do was hold them in my arms and love them with all of my heart,I looked forward with great joy at watching them learn and grow and still to this day,I am in absolute awe that these two precious souls are my Daughters.But I was very naive,I did not see that when they hurt....I hurt twice as much,this was brought home to me again today at my eldest Daughters college,I sat feeling helpless as her Tutor reprimanded her in a rather unpleasant tone for a minor detail,My daughter is twenty years old,but I looked in her eyes and saw the sheer frustration she was feeling and once again she was five years old and someone had been mean to her in the school yard,I absolutely raged inside,I wanted to say "dont talk to my child like that!" but I didnt I had to let her deal with it,I got into my car with a heavy heart and rang her when I got home to check on her.Ridiculous arent I?,but then,I got an email from my friend Debbie containing this link pop over and watch it,It just says it all for me.