Monday, 12 March 2012

On falling in love........

Every now and then Dear readers,I fall madly,completely and unashamedly in Love.It stops me in my tracks and causes my shaky little heart to do somersaults.And the object of my feverish desires? The written word.A line in a book,a poem discovered on a blog,a song heard on the radio,all have the ability to make me smile or make me cry...or make or break my day to be honest,and yet I hunger for these little gems,always have and I guess I always will.The need for me to find beautiful words is as essential to me as wearing clothing,without them I am naked.On a daily basis I am hunting down little snippets of wisdom to cut out of newspapers and magazines,often carrying them around in my purse all day like a lucky talisman,believing those words have been sent to me by a kindly universe,who surely senses every one of my hearts longings and provides me with such signs? Serendipity.
And so it was at the weekend,whilst browsing at the local flea market,the very first thing I spotted was a vintage Grays pottery saucer with wording around the inside,I bought it for pennies,a saucer sans cup is quite worthless.Except to me,for in the space left by the cup I saw the perfect home for a little lavender and geranium candle,whilst whispering to me with its words of wisdom,a gentle reminder that I am what I am,I do as I do and this life is what it is.......
The script says ;

"When this you see remember me.
And bear me in your mind.
Let all the world say what they will.
Speak only as you find"

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Go Now....

Go Now

Like the touch of rain she was
On a man's flesh and hair and eyes
When the joy of walking thus
Has taken him by surprise:

With the love of the storm he burns,
He sings, he laughs, well I know how,
But forgets when he returns
As I shall not forget her 'Go now'.

Those two words shut a door
Between me and the blessed rain
That was never shut before
And will not open again
Edward Thomas

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On January.....

Oh January.
Month of new beginnings,allegedly.

The feverish pace of Christmas behind us,not even a sliver of tinsel remaining to remind me of the festive season,all packed away for another year.Dark mornings,candles in the kitchen and coffee.Lots of coffee.
I started well,made a list of things to do,started the big declutter,eating healthily,going for long walks to blow the cobwebs away,but Oh My life,I feel so weary.Flat.Life is very quiet,almost silent.I am not complaining,merely observing.I need to motivate myself.

Or do I?

This week Lucy is off school poorly,so I have been confined to Barracks,I have been working,but not as much as I should have,instead I have slept a little later than usual,snuggled with my child and watched TV,today it rained,I baked scones and we had afternoon tea and watched Blithe spirit,I played around on pinterest,looked through the seed catalogues and planned my summer garden.I cant wait.

Maybe my new beginnings can wait a little longer.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

On clearing the clutter,letting go and looking forward....

As anyone in this business will tell you,it is possibly the most thrilling feeling,searching and finding beautiful vintage pieces.Indeed it is quite the loveliest of jobs,not always easy I hasten to add,but one that I love so much it has almost become an addiction.I simply cannot resist the lure of a long loved item nor the sweet scent of nostalgia,it makes my heart beat just a teeny bit faster and often has the ability to completely make my day.Sounds wonderful doesnt it? Well yes.It is,apart from the fact that sooner or later it gets a wee bit out of hand.When I had the shop,the love of my life as you may recall,I had lots of space to indulge my compulsive buying habit,but now of course,although I have a large storage unit,there are times when certain items sneakily find their way into my home.Lots of them.Added to which,it would seem I have a compulsive clothes buying disorder.I know not why! I read somewhere that a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind.Amen to that one Sister!
 Therefore I have started this new year with a cunning plan! I need to get rid.To not allow myself to become personally attached to items I find attractive,if I do not have any use for the said items,they must be sold.This week I have decluttered the kitchen cupboards,from now on they will house only useful items,as utterly delightful as the vintage teapot in the shape of a crinoline Lady is,I have never used it,nor will I to be honest,she needs to move on and so do I.
Today I undertook possibly my hardest task.The wardrobe.Oh sweet baby Jesus what a task that was,when in Gods name did I think I would wear the leopard print skirt or those boots with tassels? The words mutton and lamb even sprung to my own lips! I have been ruthless,if I havent worn it in a year I probably never will,so out they have gone.I feel free.
I do not think I am in any danger of becoming minimalist,however I can feel something shifting,it is more than a clearing out of junk from the house,it is the realization that 'things' cant make me happy,not for long,I am letting go,sorting the wheat from the chaff,so to speak and it feels good.I have a long way to go,wait till I start on the books! wow now thats a bit scary! but Oh how good am I going to feel and how tidy will my life be?

Looking forward......