Sunday, 18 July 2010


I am,by neccesity,a fairly organised person.I plan ahead,I mark my calender with forthcoming appointments and events.I am a working gal and so meals are planned,chores are attended to.................sometimes. However, whilst I can juggle my responsibilities with the best of them,Oh Lordy I am easily distracted! I appreciate it is important not to live our lives without ever stopping to smell the roses,but Hell,there are times when I am not merely stopping to smell the roses,but am picking them,de-thorning them,hunting out a suitable vessel to put them in and sprinkling a few rose petals on the bed!( I am of course speaking in metaphors here!) But you get the gist? I wander off very easily,I start to do something,for example tidy the Enid Blyton bookshelf I recently created,easy task,but no, five minutes in and I am lying on the sofa with the Rilloby fair Mystery! Or when I periodically decide to have a clothing cull( all day job this one) I end up trying on dresses I either forgot I had or bought in a sale...yaddah, organising the cocktail cabinet,oh dear that was a lost afternoon, Updating my ipod with tracks from cd's?checking facebook? lets not even go there.
So you see my friends I am very easily distracted......what was I doing again?

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Those lazy hazy days of summer.................

"Summer Afternoon............the two most beautiful words in the English language" (Henry James)

Summertime is my very favourite of all the seasons and I totally agree with the above quotation,the very idea of a summer afternoon conjures up all manner of lovely sunny images.

For me at the moment,life is busy,a crazy roundabout of work and play, but also about making time for lazy lemon coloured mornings drinking tea in the garden, catching up on reading a little at a time.School events! goodness but they cram a lot into these last couple of weeks! listening to Elvis singing 'kentucky rain' in the car and Oh bliss! strawberries picked early morning in the garden! Balmy nights spent lying on top of the bed as opposed to in it,and dreams.....always the dreams,writing in my journal,devouring 'love letters of great men' because my inner Carrie Bradshaw has been resurrected with the release of Sex and the city 2! crying quietly in my car now and then because I miss my Dad,pulling myself together and buying spinach and pine nuts,because life goes on and dinner must be made.Looking forward.....not sure what to,but coveting a feeling that something good is just around the corner, supper in town with the girls, a glass of wine in the garden of a very dear friend,lunching on ceasar salad and the Sunday Times.Treasuring my Daughters chatter every single day,loving growing my own produce at the allotment................these are good days.

I am blessed.

happy summertime friends!