Saturday, 7 November 2009

The flotsam and jetsam......

It is unfortunately the most difficult of tasks for me to declutter my home,I fear that my hopeless addiction to buying...well basically anything that catches my eye,will be the undoing of me,I have read all those life laundry books,I know that if I do not rid myself of the clutter in my home then I can never truly have an uncluttered mind,I have dabbled with Feng shui and yes my yin and yang are probably all to Hell because instead of a clear walkway in the entrance to my home,there is infact a range of footwear to rival any shoe shop known to mankind,strewn along the hallway.And yet,is it not part of me this mad frippery that adorns my living space? is it wrong to find absolute joy in a battered old piece of enamelware bought for pennies,or to drape polka dot bunting where I see fit?

As for the books...Mother of God there is just no hope for me in that department! and yes,the eagle eyes amongst you will notice I even have duplicates of some vintage hardbacks,why? incase I lose one? highly unlikely really isnt it? but I love them.....

Its not harming anyone,this vintage-buying-disorder-thing,I blame it on the fact that I once had a shop and had to keep buying stock,however I no longer have the shop as we all know,just a little bitty website and I really do need to downsize a little......

But perhaps not this weekend.....before Christmas...huge clearout,I promise!


  1. I like being surrounded by my 'tat' or as my sister refers to it as 'an eclectic array of interesting bits'. The only downside is the dusting X
    P.S I like that you keep a duplicate copy of a book incase you lose one (that made me chuckle!!!)

  2. I know VK I just have too much of everything,Lol!I derive great pleasure from my vintage bits and pieces and some I cannot imagine living without,but I mean how many glass cake stands do I really need? I need to do a fair,soon!

  3. I think more than 15 cake stands is too many! Hee Hee X