Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On being a Mother

I swear to God nobody told me that I would feel the vast range of emotions that I do about my children,I thought that all I had to do was hold them in my arms and love them with all of my heart,I looked forward with great joy at watching them learn and grow and still to this day,I am in absolute awe that these two precious souls are my Daughters.But I was very naive,I did not see that when they hurt....I hurt twice as much,this was brought home to me again today at my eldest Daughters college,I sat feeling helpless as her Tutor reprimanded her in a rather unpleasant tone for a minor detail,My daughter is twenty years old,but I looked in her eyes and saw the sheer frustration she was feeling and once again she was five years old and someone had been mean to her in the school yard,I absolutely raged inside,I wanted to say "dont talk to my child like that!" but I didnt I had to let her deal with it,I got into my car with a heavy heart and rang her when I got home to check on her.Ridiculous arent I?,but then,I got an email from my friend Debbie containing this link pop over and watch it,It just says it all for me.


  1. Do you want me to come and stick a Geordie kiss on him? Seriously though Im not surprised you feel the way you do, I would feel like that too, but at 20yrs old I suppose you have to let your children stand up for themselves. I dont know what your daughter was reprimanded for, but his 'tone' doesnt sound appropriate. X

  2. It is so hard when your children suddenly become adults. My son is 16 and has just started college. He was bullied so we removed him from Secondary school and we educated him at home. I still find myself worrying about him and asking him is he being picked on in any way at college? He isn't thankfully, but I am always ready to step in if I think someone is being horrible to
    him. It really is so hard to take a step back
    and let your children deal with their own issues. I think it is a natural reaction to protect them, and I can fully understand how you feel, it is so hard as a parent to know when to step in and when to take a step back.
    Jo x

  3. Gena I am thirty seven and my Mum still felt the urge to accompany me to Finley's school recently so she could stand up for me while I stood up for Finn! I don't think Mommyness ever leaves you and Katherine Center is right: we have to love our children that fiercely no matter how old they get.

    That said Finley isn't allowed to get any older than six because I'm really not sure I'm up for the challenge of mean tutors berating my child!!

    Hope you are ok Honey!x

  4. Update;

    Thank you ladies for your kind comments! The tutor in question has been reprimanded for her behaviour to the whole class! apparently she has 'problems at home'and has clearly been bringing them into the classroom!

  5. I used to think once they got older things would get easier, but in so many ways it's even harder now, because you have to let them make their own mistakes and you have to stand by while they break your heart sometimes and all you can do is love them and pray for them. Mommyhood is HARD! But, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  6. Thats great news Gena! My sisters a teacher and it doesnt matter what is happening at home she cant bring it to school. Glad it has been sorted. X

  7. I hope one day I can follow your lead and step back ... because we are at the playground stage now and I am *just* under control.