Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello! how the Devil are you all? Me? borderline psychotic today could all change tomorrow.

So....its my big day on Sunday! I am as you know hosting a Vintage and handmade fair! Hurrah! its going to be fabulous! will report back as soon as its over and I am off the Valium(joking)

So what else is new? Well,I have a new cooker! Oh happy happy days! if I could sleep on the kitchen floor next to it I swear I would! it is indeed a thing of joy,although it is huge and I did lose two cupboards,plus the old oven housing unit which resulted in tiles being replaced,repainting etc. But hey! love it.
The weather here in the bleak North has been....well,bleak.Its appalling for July,haven't been to the allotment much,therefore I will no doubt be in for a bit of grief from the allotment police,AKA 'The committee'
I am hugely looking forward to the big school holidays! lazy mornings with my girls! Bliss! I would love a little nice weather so we could go to the beach.
I am loving 'The killing' on ch4 on thursday nights,thoroughly enjoying my latest amazon delivery 'How to be a woman' by Caitlin Moran(soooo funny) still hopelessly addicted to facebook and twitter,fighting raging hormones,having weird dreams and eating too much cheese.

Loving life. How about you?


  1. There is no such thing as "too much cheese". That is all. :D

  2. dear Gena- where is the fair? where are the blog flyers?
    Eversuch good luck for Sunday, it's really nervewracking but SO worth it!

  3. Hello Elaine! the fair is at The Royal station hotel,in the city centre here in Newcastle upon Tyne,am very excited!not many of my fellow bloggers are from around here,though I did a previous post and have promoted on facebook etc.It has been widely promoted across the region however and we are hoping for a good day!

  4. Hi I attended yesterdays event and it was lovely. I got a fab dress from Glamour Bunny and my friend got a few items as well. Cant wait for next one, Jackie

  5. Thank you so much Jackie! yes I was very tempted by Glamour Bunnies dresses,they are amazing! glad you had a good day!