Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Guilty pleasures........

Oh me oh my! some days I am just plain bad!

Today is my day off work and though I did plan on a houseworkfest of the highest standard,I failed miserably from the outset! instead I had my legs waxed,bought shedloads of chocolate,visited a psychic,ate the afore mentioned chocolate and now here I am at 5.15 in the afternoon,glass of chilled pinot grigio in hand,blogging! Its a slippery slope my friends!
Here for your perusal is a list of my 'guilty pleasures' please feel free to comment in the vein that I am not really so bad!............or am I?

1.I eat marmite from the jar,yep,stick my finger in and suck.

2.I sometimes sneak an hour in bed in the afternoon when the house is empty,bliss!

3.I have a really bad sunglasses addiction,cant stop buying them.

4.ditto shoes.

5.ditto handbags.

6.I love watching Columbo re runs!

7.Sometimes I eat the unhealthiest of foods ever,yesterday lunch was a mars bar and full fat coke.

8.I am obsessed with 'come dine with me' actually most cookery programmes.

9.sometimes when I am alone I listen to Abba!

10.I constantly bare my soul blogging!................

Tomorrow I will be better!


  1. Hi Gena
    Naughty, naughty, naughty, yes I can also admit to guilty pleasures! I can empathise with you on most of your list, my number 8 is house programmes and my number 9 is dancing in the kitchen to 'Fat Boy Slim' which I am sure is not a pretty sight for anyone walking past my cottage, but hey we only live once don't we?
    Jo xx

  2. Sounds like a great day, to me! ;)


  3. Wow!!!!
    Party on girl

    Elaine xxx

  4. Hi Gena, love your honesty...I use your blog as therapy too! feel good therapy!I think we can all relate to that human side that you right about...My day off to,just want to watch old movies.Putter with flowers and vintage displays...dress up and wear lipstick and high heels..Oh if only!Its soo good to dream...Maria

  5. Love your list of bad gal things ;) Also just stumbled across your shop - and currently dithering over that short wedding dress!