Saturday, 20 March 2010

Running away with the Gypsies..............

When I was a child,my Mother in times of stress and in a rather dramatic fashion,would declare "That's it! I am going to run away with the Gypsies!" of course she never did,I never took it seriously at all because I knew it was just Mother letting off steam and of course if she was serious then she would have took me along too and frankly I quite fancied it,all those swirly colourful skirts and huge hoopy earrings,who wouldn't? but I digress.Lately,I have felt like running away with the Gypsies myself,I so know how my Mother felt.At the risk of sounding like a born moaner I do feel that sometimes the Gods just aren't on my side,yes I know,Gratitude is the attitude! and truly I practice this every day,I do,I am very grateful for all that is good in my life,but Hells bells cut me some slack would you? It was Lucy's Birthday on Thursday and as fate would have it she came down with a horrendous cold,therefore Birthday plans were put on hold until today,when Lo! now I have it! I feel like Hell! that,coupled with a rather nasty letter from the bank,mot due on the car and a day job that just ain't going too well,has me feeling a little less than chipper! the phrase one step forward and two steps back springs to mind at the moment.However,one must soldier on,so I have liberally doused myself with vic,downed the paracetamol and am bracing myself for an afternoon at Pizza hut(eurgggh I cant even think about pizza) followed by Alice in wonderland in 3D,surely Johnny Depp will lift me out of this misery guts persona I have adopted of late.
Tomorrow is another day,my inner Scarlett O'Hara is saying,yes indeedy Miss Scarlett,but perhaps I should retrieve those rather large hoop earrings from my jewellery box.......just in case!


  1. Hi Gena, my mum used to say the same,must be a generation thing.They had so much less than we have these days!I love star dust the movie,especially the babilon candles and the gypsy caravan part....Always watch this to cheer me up!Remember we are only human...I read your blog before I visit my mum these days,who now has dementia,Oh I wish she could still say the (run away with the gypsies things)....Maria

  2. Maria,I love stardust too and you are so right we are only human,the older I get the more I realise women are the same in every generation,Our Mums faced their own dilemmas and you are right they had so much less than we do!sending prayers to you and your own Mum Maria,thank you for your comment xx

  3. Hi Gena
    My mum used to hide from the Gypsies when they came around selling pegs!!
    She used to draw the curtains and pretend no one was at home!!! reminds me of the league of gentleman!!

    Elaine xxx get well soon...sending reiki