Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On smiling on the outside..........................


Yet again,Christmas is looming and I am slowly unravelling.I have not done any shopping,due mainly to lack of funds,lack of time and frankly....lack of interest.I am deeply ashamed that I do not embrace the festive season the way many people do,how I would love to be the type of Woman who had it all wrapped up in October and spent the rest of her time participating in homely,crafty pursuits.But,alas....I am not.Whats in it for me? very little,lots of running around for one bloody day! Bah humbug!
I am so busy these days,where has this year gone? On the upside,I have been sourcing some wonderful vintage goodies for the website which never ceases to thrill me,I am ashamedly addicted to 'I'm a celebrity....' (dont start me off on Gillian Mckeith!) I have developed a penchant for candlelit bathtime with a glass of bubbly and as usual at this time of the year,have sucumbed to a rather bothersome satsuma addiction. I am keeping a journal,making wishlists for 2011.....and waiting,always waiting...and smiling....on the outside at least.


  1. Like the sound of the candle lit bath time with the glass of bubbly...sounds very civilised. Don't worry I'm not organised for Christmas either.
    Jo xx

  2. Thank you for "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered" Just exquisite and made my morning!
    I share your feelings about the whole Christmas thing. I always do my shopping in December, mainly coming from a time when my kids were small and the money to pay for it all didn't come in till the end of November. Add to this the fact that it's always been the busiest time of year for me too. When I was a drama teacher it was Panto Season and now it's my best time of year for sales. I think the candlight and glass of bubbly in the bath is the perfect antidote and will be adopting that with grateful thanks. As for the Satsumas - well there are worse addictions :-)Oh the music on this blog is just to die for

  3. He he me too………only this morning i said aloud "i'm just not feeling it yet",so don't worry you are not alone x (still not feeling the satsuma thing yet either)
    Just saw the weather report looks like you got a little snow so maybe that will help.
    Smiling is good but as always "remember to dream"
    Warm Hugs
    Debbie xxxxxx

  4. Hi Gena, The polka dot cups are from Laura Ashley. I got them last year, then this year they did the same cups in the blue and eau de nil colourway. I think they may still have them in red.
    I relate to your post, (although I admit I was feeling all christmassy a few weeks ago and felt organised) now Im starting to feel abit overwhelmed and starting to panic as a couple of large bills have just arrived. X