Friday, 3 December 2010


It is that time of year again.The time when slowly but surely.....I come undone.
At this moment I am indoors whilst outdoors rages the coldest whitest winter I have ever seen,I have not been able to work,my stress levels have soared and reached an all time high,the day job is impossible to do in this weather and I am panicking.
It is twenty two days until Christmas,I have not done ANY Christmas shopping,I have not wrote a single card and the thought of decorating the house fills me with no joy whatsoever.Bah Humbug.I had a big disappointment this week which made my mood plummet,but hey ho.
I am aware of course that I seriously need to cheer up,count my blessings,think of those less fortunate than me etc. and I do.Truly.Sometimes.
I read a very useful exercise in grattitude this week in a book I got from the library,it suggested that for every negative thought you have you should replace it with something positive that you are thankful for,so in an effort to become a better more festive person,here is my grattitude list,Hell before you know it I will be dressing like a sexy elf and singing carols!

I am grateful for.......

1.Epsom salts.No I am not joking,throw a box in the bath and you will feel virtuous I promise.

2.A glass of bubbly in a candle lit bath,even if it is just cava brut!

3.My new sparkly bracelet.It makes my arm green but I couldnt love it more.

4.Facebook...yes I know! but I have some lovely chums on fb and we have such fun!

5.Desperate housewives on Sunday night,I so want to live on Wisteria Lane!

6.Text messages ........thrilling! however did we do without them before?

7.Finding beautiful,stylish well made vintage still takes my breath away.

8.Cath Kidston tea towels...nuf said.

9.Baking a big fat fluffy Victoria sandwich cake!

10.Hope.The belief that its all going to be ok....eventually.

See....I am feeling much more chipper already!


  1. I am glad you are feeling some better. Now...what is a Victoria cake?

  2. Hi Gena,
    it's been a very loooong time since I've visited you. One day I accidentally deleted some of my favorite blogs and I knew that one day I would come across your blog again. I still haven't recovered some of my very first favorite blogs but I will come across them!

    Hope you are doing well my dear

    Deanna :D