Saturday, 8 January 2011

On Resolutions.........

Is it just me or has the New Year filled you with the kind of reckless enthusiasm usually reserved for the Top shop sale? are the Christmas shackles finally off? no more losing sleep over planning what seemed like a military operation,when actually it really was just a Sunday lunch with gifts thrown in.

Ah me! it feels good to be free.

Are you looking forward to 2011,To better weather(couldnt be worse frankly) hopefully a long hot summer,will you fall in love,find your dream job,finally learn to meditate?
Have you made New Year Resolutions ? Hmmm always tricky methinks,I do so hate mine to involve the words Diet,Detox,Gym etc. because,well life is just to darn short! wasnt it Shirley Conran who coined the phrase " Life is too short to stuff a mushroom" and I so know what she meant,so for 2011 I really feel that its time to get happy,to have that extra Martini (fear not I am not about to turn into Blanche Dubois!) to take a few more risks,follow my heart and not be afraid.Life really is a huge gift and how blessed I am,I look at my children every day and offer up a silent prayer of thanks,but sometimes,just sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and I have to ask " Oh!...... who are you again?"

Its time to find out.

So! here we go,in 2011 I am going to........

1) Eat more takeaways!......It wont kill them to do without home cooking once a week.

2)Throw away some of that huge pile of ironing.Its the only way.

3)Stop buying trashy magazines BUT replace them with fabulous bargain books from Amazon,you know it makes sense.

4) De clutter my wardrobe and keep only items which make me feel fabulous.

5)Wear high heels every day.Why not?

6)Spend much more time with my girl friends,whether it be coffee or cocktails,these women keep me afloat.

7)Invest in a pair of Chanel sunglasses.I will do without food if I have to.

8)Watch my complete set of Sex and the city DVDs from the start.I need to release my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

9)Drink Martinis at least once a week,perhaps learn to like olives.

10)Live,love ,laugh.......often.

What do you think? is it going to be a good one?

You bet it is!!!!!!!

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  1. You,ve inspired me Gena!Gonna try this year to be the star of my own show more.......