Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tales from a surburban housewife part two............

So the new year has begun,the weather has been slightly kinder here in the bleak North,but despite the feeling of optimism I am currently cultivating at the moment,so far life is slightly hum drum.Oh dear.
I feel that change is ahead.....but I feel both heady excitement and abject terror at the thought,hmmm.

In the meantime,I do what I do best,I plod on,I get on with the day job because it pays the bills,loving it some days hating it others,but remaining thankful for the income.I would like to know what lies ahead for me,but I simply cant,some days I wonder if I am on the right path and where it will lead.
I am aware that this year I need to be a bit more attentive to my own needs and look at the bigger picture.I need to make some choices this year,I love my Vintage business but sometimes its just darned hard work when juggling a day job and family also,but can I give it up? and Good Lord whatever would I do with all that stock?

On a brighter note...spring will soon be here,I can tend my garden,visit my allotment and eat salad.
This year I am going to actually celebrate my Birthday ( I dont normally,dont ask am way down on the agenda) I am going to learn something new(not sure what just yet)I am going to make a list of all the books I simply must read and reserve them at the library.
My 'to do list' is quite simply endless.

But top of my list is....I am going to be brave.


  1. Hoping 2011 is a GREAT year for you! X

  2. What a fantastic post. You have summed up exactly how I feel about this year. I am currently trying to build up a Vintage business along with working,running a home and being a Mum. I also am trying to set up a website and begin a Blog. I dont know why I give myself so much to do but then it keeps life interesting!
    Good luck with it all.Let us know how you get on

  3. Once we get thru this bleak winter we will all feel better. Just keep on! I know the feeling and I like the way you write..Will visit often!

  4. Hi Gena
    Thanks for popping by and leaving your kind words. Have you thought of doing any of the vintage fairs, I know this isn't easy when you have a family and work also. Keep looking forward to Spring, we all need some sunshine.
    Jo xx

  5. Yes I used to do the fairs fairly often Jo and loved them! its a bit tricky now the day job is wiping me out at the minute,but I think I am going to do a few in the summer xx