Saturday, 12 February 2011

Just how much is too much?

As anyone in the Vintage trade will tell you I am sure,what started out as an interesting little sideline,more often than not has the ability to invade not only our lives but our living space also. Whilst initially,bringing the odd interesting piece home seems like a good idea,the day may come whereby it all becomes a little too much.
I fear my friends that day has come.
Although I very much doubt that I will miraculously transform into a minimalist,something has to give and frankly I do not know where to start.I hasten to add that I also have a storage unit for the business,also packed to the rafters.

The living room is not too bad,although the cocktail cabinet may need to go.Too many cushions of course.

The Kitchen.How I long for clear bench tops.

And Oh Holy Mary Mother of God.The Dining room.I cannot show you a picture of the entire room,for trust me you will have nightmares.Still housing the remnants of a shop that I left four years ago,it is my own personal Hell.

How do I tackle this people? Have you faced a similar dilemma?

I want to run away.Really.



    I cleared off my kitchen cabinets and they are slowly being filled back up. sigh. It's a never ending battle. It really is.

    Could you have a yard sale? A boot sale I think you call it. Weather is getting warmer now and spring will soon be here. Get rid of it...Only wish I could come shop it!

  2. Im no help I'm afraid as I think your home looks lovely as it is. My clutter room is my kitchen, I need help in there X

  3. Hi dear,
    I was having the same problem when Marshall and I lived in an apartment and I really didn't have room! When we moved to our new little house, I promised myself "No clutter!" and quickly discovered that I was a big fat! Well, last week I was literally on top of furniture surveying my living room, dining room and kitchen and ran out to my garage, dragged boxes inside and started throwing stuff in them. I even took down my new drapes from the sliding back door. They were too busy and had started giving me claustrophobia. It's by no means bare but oh so much better. What did I do with the stuff? I put it out on the curb in front of the house and watched my neighbors pick through the boxes and carry their treasures home. I felt relief more than regret for having thrown some vintage items in there.

    Deanna :D

  4. Oh dear. I understand. In addition to being an avid sewer/crafter with all it's acoutremants (fab/hab/etc) I have four kids and a husband who is a hoarder. Once every six months I do what my very Geordie husband calls "Gannin' Apeshite". I am ruthless. The bags for life come out, and whatever I have not used in the previous six months just...goes. The charity shops in Forest Hall are in love with me, and know me by name, because I bring them laundered pressed clothing, seperated into bags by size and season. ;D