Sunday, 20 March 2011

On Sundays,Sinatra and sleep(or lack of)

So here we are again Sunday morning,copious amounts of coffee and Sinatra singing 'Witchcraft' and me looking like hell in a housecoat due to lack of sleep.Soon I will shower and dress and paint on a smile and tie on a pinny and prepare myself for another ride on the strange rollercoaster that is my life at the moment.
It has been a topsy turvy week this past week,Like everyone in this world I have been absolutely horrified by the devastating events in Japan and the unrest in Libya has me troubled beyond belief,I am afraid I am like an emotional sponge and I seem to absorb all this negativity so that it becomes a lead weight to be carried around with me.
I know,lighten up Gena,count your blessings ( I do! I swear) but its real hard to watch such suffering.
Ok! enough of that,what else has been happening? after a disappointing start to the week (wont bore you with that one) the weather finally picked up and Lo! sunshine! hurrah! what a difference it makes,my garden is slowly coming to life and I am so looking forward to sunny days and lighter nights. I am signed up for a few vintage clothing fairs in the near future(sadly few and far between here in the North) and yesterday purchased another beautiful Vintage wedding dress.It was Lucys Birthday on Friday,my baby is twelve already! how did that happen? I feel as though life speeds up as you get older.
It is a full moon this weekend,in virgo actually,perhaps this is why I have felt slightly crazy all week? full moons signify powerful emotions and changes and I do believe that some things really do need to change,so bring it on Universe.I am ready.
My weird and totally unpredictable sleep patterns remain a mystery,I am reluctant to see a Doctor for fear of a) being diagnosed as mad/paranoid/depressed.I am not. or b) being offered sleeping medication which I fear is a slippery slope and I dont want it. I have tried almost everything,my Mother says as you get older you dont need as much sleep,cant believe that I am wrecked half the time!
Anyway! onwards and upwards! I am looking forward to next week, waking the dead on BBC1 tonight and tomorrow,I have the new Kate Atkinson book from the library(cant put it down already) and I have an interesting recipe for cheese and marmite scones to try out!

Its the little things isnt it?


  1. I hardly sleep. Im a total night owl and always have been, even as a child. Although now Im older the lack of sleep plays havoc with my body clock but I would never ever take tablets, I will just have to continue walking around looking like one of the living dead during daylight hours! Mind you I look fabulous after midnight!!!LOL!

    OOh Cheese and Marmite scones sound divine. I love Marmite. You will have to post the recipe.

    Happy Birthday to Lucy X

  2. Hiiiiiiiii Gena……………..I'm still here i promise,been chasing my tail,been a bit up and down myself too ,but like you really give myself a shake and count my blessings.Oooooh what i wouldn't give to sleep through the night i wake 3 or 4 times a beat my pillow, flip the duvet ,look at the clock and groan at my sleeping husband…………
    If you ever sign up for a fair near to me please please let me know .I am going to the Country Living Spring Fair in London on wednesday until Sunday,and the best bit i get to see Gemma yeeeeaaah.
    Sending Hugs
    Debbie xxxx