Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vintage Love .....

I am a fickle girl at times I am the first to admit.Part of me hates clutter and yet I make a living out of selling all manner of vintage paraphanalia! I love nothing more than coming across a terrific vintage find,I love laundering vintage clothing and linens and become almost dizzy with joy to see them flapping about on my washing line.Handbags are a particular delight to me,often I will find an old shopping list,a cinema ticket or even a letter or an invatation to a wedding,the flotsam and jetsom of another womans life,not that different from my own.
Vintage weddings are currently in vogue,it seems many of us are hankering after a more subtle and meaningful Wedding day,not just the clothing but everything from the table linens to mis-matched vintage china.How absolutely lovely.It was with this in mind that towards the end of last year I launched a vintage China and linen hire service.
Will I ever tire of this love affair with all things from a time gone by? I really dont think so,do you?

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  1. Gena I sympathise. I hate clutter and mess. I would love my whole house to be painted cream and be abit more minimal, but it just aint gonna happen. Every so often I have a clear out and think thats it, no more, but then 'stuff' creeps back in again. My house is really small so I cant bring in much furniture but I give it a good go LOL!. Your China and Linen Hire service is a great idea X