Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The season of change.....

And all of a sudden it is Autumn.Unpredictable weather,darker evenings,chilly mornings and a weariness I find hard to shake.But shake it I must,for the days are rushing by,for the most part they are good days,I have decisions to make,and here I falter,afraid to make the wrong choice,security versus creativity,my mind in constant argument.Exhausted by the demands of the 'day job'. Something or someone will come along and 
set me on the right path.Wont they?
I do not care for the colder months,I miss the sunshine and the long lazy days of summer,
pretty dresses and sparkly sandals,tea in the garden and early morning reading on the doorstep.
 My garden is going to sleep,everything is dying back for the winter,I console myself by ordering old English roses and spring flowering bulbs for next year.And yet,I embrace the cosiness of the season,because i must.I light candles and scent my home with cinnamon,I don a pretty pinny and cook,because food is love and food is comfort,and often I am in dire need of both.
I spend way to much time online! it is a fact,social networking is taking me away from real life and I must start and reign myself in,from becoming involved in heated discussions about trivial tv shows to constantly checking my messages,I should stop,whilst it is lovely making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones,surely the world will not go into a holding pattern should I decide to give facebook a miss for a while.
It will pass,this restlessness,I do know this.
I also know that it is up to me to enforce change.Wish me Luck.


  1. Aw Gena I so understand your post.....I feel maybe a short sleep of hybernation would be nice till warmer climates....The cycles just come around too quickly....I for one am still holding on to what little summer we had here up north...We will light those candles and gather by the hearth and watch old movies until then.....Think the problem is our winters are sooo long....Love your words of wisdom and your blog.....Maria.

  2. Oh Maria! to hibernate would be bliss! and yes I am stock piling the old movies for days indoors,I am going for Hitchcock classics this time,although Tippi Hedren et al make me want to shun my jeans and wear tight little suits! totally inappropriate for our Northern climate! Thank you for your kind words!