Thursday, 6 October 2011

Twenty pieces of absolutely useless information about me...

I am in pensive mood this Evening,today has been cold and dark and I have flitted from task to task,not really achieving much,but wanting to do so much more, Went food shopping,met some mad people (as usual) came home,lit some candles,updated the website,chatted on facebook for a while,went to see my Mammy,picked Lulu up from School,dropped her big sister off at work.The usual stuff,the stuff that my days are made of. Pretty average huh? I love average,I love my life,it is an awfully big adventure,we are all totally unique,how amazing is that? there is nobody else in the world like you or I,what makes you who you are? and me? Hells bells I dont think the best shrink in the world could work that one out! But here just for fun,are a few random facts all about me!

1) I am as you can guess a complete bookworm,I read anything and everything.I am never without a book to read.

2)When I was pregnant I played Puccini and read poetry to my unborn babies.Yeah! weird.

3)I have a massive collection of Vintage pinnys and I wear them.

4)I am a foodie! I love to cook and I love to eat,typical Taurean I like good food and good wine.

5)I have a book inside me,somewhere,I know it.

6)I hated school but I loved my Art lessons,my Teacher wanted me to study it when I left,but I got a job.

7)I am afraid of water,cant swim,its real terror.

8)I wont get out of bed each morning until I have thought of five things to be thankful for.could have a bit of an ocd!

9)I love Terry Wogan.Ok so shoot me! he makes me smile!

10)I collect old sepia photographs.

11)I cried at Toy story three.

12)I truly detest tights and refuse to wear them.

13)Colouring in calms me down.Strangely.

14)My favourite book and film is Gone with the Wind.

15)I love to have a candle lit bath with a glass of bubbly! Lilac candles in summertime,cinnamon in winter.

16)I have an allotment.It is Heaven.

17)Albertine roses are my favourite bloom.

18)My favourite piece of opera is Oh Mio Babino Caro followed by The pearl fishers duet,both make my heart soar.

19)I always longed for a career in Fashion,I sort of ended up there,albeit Vintage fashion.I live for it.

20) I love the internet! I have made lots of true and good friends here...and I love you. nodded off yet?  


  1. Ahhhhh..........could have listened to another twenty,you sound tiipperty top Hugs

  2. Hello Beautiful Debbie! how are you? Hope all is well xxx